Evening in the Country...

Evening in the Country...
...a gorgeous view of the WV mountains I get to enjoy everyday. Also the place Bri proposed earlier this year! [Not taken on that day.]

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Morsin' It

Here are what the morsbags I have completed look like. Smaller than what I want, but they work!



I have a few different projects going on. I completed 12 morsbags that will be used for tie dying. I have a cute Domestic Diva apron that reminds me of mom. Also found stretch needles and a few different fun remnant fabrics. A stretch gold lame, cotton pinks, and lastly a sheer deep maroon with gold edging.

Below are three sari panels and a lamp that will be used towards my Asian theme for our bedroom. The panels will be sewn together (the black sari will be in the middle) and used as a canopy. The lamp goes with the paper lanterns I would like.

A few different fun Asian inspired fabrics, like the below by Alexander Henry.

A simple mood board in the works for our bedroom.


This is disgusting.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Template Cut Out

I hope everyone has taken time out to view Morsbags and realize the dangers we have all been causing. So now, I'm doing a tad bit to help also.

Below are photos of the template I made from poster boards from work. It was either I take 'em or they go in the trash! Recycling is 100x better.

I used my bf's work blade to cut out the board. Styrofoam got everywhere and the edges are not the best, but they will work!

Below is a pile of donated cloth from G. I'm thinking of practicing with the white cotton sheet and then giving them to Maddie for her birthday to tie dye and hand out...that is if she wants to. I remember tie dying at 4-H camp and how badly I wanted to do four or five extra shirts, instead I had only brought one.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Socs Swinging

Hehe...he is so funny trying to balance on the swing.


I've joined. I'd love your help. www.morsbag.com


"Charleston, WV joined the growing number of towns across the US and UK with it’s own bag making group this week.

The group aims to make cotton shopping bags in order to reduce the number of plastic carrier bags used and then thrown away in Charleston. Each year, US and UK citizens use over 300 carrier bags each, most of which end up in landfill or as potential choking hazard for wildlife in the area.

The group (or pod as they are known) is part of a global network, founded in January of this year by Claire Morsman, who was becoming increasing outraged at the number of wild animals harmed by plastic bags after mistaking them for food. With over 250 pods worldwide, and the number growing each week, the Charleston members are in good company.

Sonja, who set up the local pod, says “making Morsbags is a really fun way to help improve the world in which we live. When we give the bags away free to shoppers, the surprise on their faces more than makes up for the hard work put in to each one. It’s also a very social thing – we meet [details of meeting time] and sew the bags while chatting and having a glass of wine.”

If you want to join in or set up your own pod, visit www.morsbags.com for more details (non-sewers are also welcome to help with making bags and handing them out to shoppers). If you have any cotton fabric (old duvets, curtains or cotton offcuts) which you could donate, let Sonja know."

Check out www.morsbags.com for more details and facts.

Itty Bitties

photo of first of three serged seams and the pattern I used

a better view of the three seams I completed on the serger
neither picture really does justice for the lace...but they never do

I decided to whip up my first pair of thongs! The pattern is McCall's DIY line M5651, which offers a wide variety in one package. I used a lovely light mauve stretch lace from Sew Sassy and used an old dress (I'll never mend it anyhow) for the lining. You can't really see the coverstitching (unless you click on the picture) in the photo below but that's okay, 'cause it's pretty bad! You can easily see that I used a black lining - but who cares, they still provide the same...err...function? Even though I began practicing on my Brother 2340cv Saturday, it wasn't time enough to use on a pair of panties!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fabric Addiction

So the above are two additional fabrics I have bought and probably, honestly, completely do not need...well okay, yes I do! I wish I had my mood board to show you my inspiration but I will have to do that later. Yes, the two fabrics are completely opposite but they each have thier own duty. The top, leafy fabric is our choice for cushions on the swing. I may even add covered buttons, although they feel something awful when my spine lays across them.

The second is going to be the fabric I use to make chair cushions and a tablecloth (maybe napkins and/or placemats - maybe even use both fabrics) for my one-day-soon-to-purchase-outdoor-table-and-chair-patio-set. I bought a few bottles of waterproofer to make sure the fabric stays top notch and doe not mildew - because I WILL forget to bring them in on rainy days...and maybe winter time!

Another addition will be Chinese (...or are they Japanese?) lanterns. A few bamboo rugs (via those cheap wet bamboo mats from Dollar General) will help separate areas. Lastly, I would like to add a grill and an outside fire pit...but we have to choose one or the other and I would prefer the fire pit! Since it is just too much to put on our small back porch!