Evening in the Country...

Evening in the Country...
...a gorgeous view of the WV mountains I get to enjoy everyday. Also the place Bri proposed earlier this year! [Not taken on that day.]

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fabric Addiction

So the above are two additional fabrics I have bought and probably, honestly, completely do not need...well okay, yes I do! I wish I had my mood board to show you my inspiration but I will have to do that later. Yes, the two fabrics are completely opposite but they each have thier own duty. The top, leafy fabric is our choice for cushions on the swing. I may even add covered buttons, although they feel something awful when my spine lays across them.

The second is going to be the fabric I use to make chair cushions and a tablecloth (maybe napkins and/or placemats - maybe even use both fabrics) for my one-day-soon-to-purchase-outdoor-table-and-chair-patio-set. I bought a few bottles of waterproofer to make sure the fabric stays top notch and doe not mildew - because I WILL forget to bring them in on rainy days...and maybe winter time!

Another addition will be Chinese (...or are they Japanese?) lanterns. A few bamboo rugs (via those cheap wet bamboo mats from Dollar General) will help separate areas. Lastly, I would like to add a grill and an outside fire pit...but we have to choose one or the other and I would prefer the fire pit! Since it is just too much to put on our small back porch!

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Jolena said...

Love the choices..ecspecially the blue.. and as far as grill or fire pit, my vote is the fire pit! I have wanted one of those for SO long.. my neighbor {Molly's mom} has one and we have so much fun setting by it drinking wine in the evenings! Check my blog later if you want to.. I am going to select fabric for my throw pillows {living room} and would love help deciding!
ps. looking forward to the party :)
pss.NOT swimming. lol