Evening in the Country...

Evening in the Country...
...a gorgeous view of the WV mountains I get to enjoy everyday. Also the place Bri proposed earlier this year! [Not taken on that day.]

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Debate: Wardrobe Refashion

My 3 months is almost complete - 4 more days!  I did not, technically, break any of the rules considering any new clothes were bought by Bri and not me.  I do not even think I accomplished a single refashion!  Should I rejoin?  I am not sure considering it is winter and I have *needs* for over-the-knee boots.  I did snatch a snazzy light pink sheen crocodile motorcycle jacket from consignment.  Not that it was consignment price! LOL!  Still counts as a safe buy though. 

I guess I have 4 days to decide but I know my mind is already made - no more!  I can save money and make my clothes without having to take a pledge.  I will still promote Wardrobe Refashion because I love the idea and think it is great for many people I know!

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