Evening in the Country...

Evening in the Country...
...a gorgeous view of the WV mountains I get to enjoy everyday. Also the place Bri proposed earlier this year! [Not taken on that day.]

Monday, October 6, 2008

Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia

So of course I am a big fan of Project Runway (although I do wait until the seasons are available through Blockbuster.com - no commercials) and of course I had to read the Nina Garcia books. I am still working on The One Hundred but I did finish the Little Black Book of Style before the weekend started.

This book is wonderfully written by Nina Garcia and has artwork featured by Ruben Toledo. Toledo is one of my fav artists, his work is also featured in Nina's The One Hundred and also the Bombshell Manual of Style.



Nina informs the reader that you need to present yourself to the world, you need to have a style identity. She doesn't state a ton of rules for each stylista to remember but she does inform the reader on what to pay attention to in regards of balance of the entire outfit, from jewelry to bags to shoes to the skirt/pants and your top with a hat, everything.

This is a fun read for anyone interested in being a better stylista! Nina also tells us about her past and how she came to be the woman she is!

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