Evening in the Country...

Evening in the Country...
...a gorgeous view of the WV mountains I get to enjoy everyday. Also the place Bri proposed earlier this year! [Not taken on that day.]

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Honeymoon at Atlantis

     Once we left The Greenbrier, we went home to exchange our luggage, do some laundry, and visit our lovely boy, Socrates.  We left after a few hours to catch a plane to Orlando, where we stayed one quick night.  We had to wake up the next morning to catch a flight to Nassau, Bahamas, for our stay at Atlantis!

From the beach our first night

At the front entrance

Inside the main lobby

Large ball of marble floating
     We had such a lovely time walking around and taking in all the details of this resort.  They were really able to capture everything a lost island would have.  Most importantly, The Dig.  This was our second time visiting Atlantis, but we had free reign since we were guests rather than passing through during a cruise stop.  The first time we seen The Dig was in 2008 during February on a Carnival cruise.  What we did not know until our honeymoon was that The Dig goes all the way around an aquarium and leads into a gift shop and restaurant.  It was a special surprise one evening we spent marveling the scenery.

Looks like a lost city to me

Lion fish, one of our favs

An old deep-sea diving uniform - a bit scary looking actually

One room had several walkways, with four corners, each corner had one of these helmets and a seat.  Well I couldn't let a moment pass without trying one one!  I'll admit:  I did nearly fall!
An oddity of sorts you can find at Atlantis
     Waking up in the morning on an island is breathtaking.  The sun illuminates the sky and the wind blows heartily, you hear seagulls and waves crashing.  You are at peace with yourself and your new husband -  at least I was!

From our balcony
     One of our favorite things were the water slides, there are dozens, bareback and tubing, for everyone of all ages.  Yet, my favorite time was the quiet nights walking and exploring.

An interesting palm

No swimming at night - but very tempting

Moon lights your way to the sea
     We were able to try out the casino too.  Not much luck other than a few dollars on the slots.  The scenery was unavoidable.

Domed ceiling

Nautical ceiling

Shipped ceiling
    One of our favorite restaurants at the resort is the Mesa Grill, by Bobby Flay, and it has the best margaritas EVER!  The secret: pure lime juice, freshly squeezed.  The walk is long if you stay where we did, the opposite side.  Nothing was going to stop us from using our complimentary coupon for two margaritas at the Mesa!

One long corridor heading to Mesa

The entrance

Our exit

A gorgeous pond
     Unfortunately, after only four days we had to head back to Orlando.  This is one more place we will visit again and again...and again.

Sunrise goodbye

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