Evening in the Country...

Evening in the Country...
...a gorgeous view of the WV mountains I get to enjoy everyday. Also the place Bri proposed earlier this year! [Not taken on that day.]

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Adding to my Dressform

I had to add to my amazon.com dress form. It's a Japanese brand and I cannot remember the name. It has dial adjustments for the waist, hips and bust in three four places. I still had to add padding for the waist and bust. I began with batting and duct tape and lots of printed research from the internet.
Here you can see that I began by widening the shoulder. It takes a lot more batting that I thought I would have used and even had to make an extra run for additional duct tape.
I adding batting to each side until it became the 17 inches I needed.
Another hint to mention is to secure from all sides of the areas you are adding to. In this second picture you will notice I used longs strips of duct tape from the top of shoulder past the underarm and down the side of the dress form. Additionally, I decided to add a horizontal strip of duct tape at the side of the dress form to secure the area even more. Alternating layers of horizontal strips of duct tape and vertical layers of duct tape will help increase the security also.

Here I began to add to the bust area. I had to go through several ways of adding batting until I found the most appropriate. I started by making sure the sides were at the correct width and then I added a bra that fit snug around my bust. I placed this bra on and began to duct tape my body (with help) with vertical and horizontal layers until I had my chest area covered. Once carefully removed, I had a "bust" of my bust! I secured this onto the dress form and began to fill the areas with layers of batting.

Here you can see my finished bust on my dress form. It has duct tape from one side of the neck down to the opposite side of the bottom of the rib area (halter style) for extra support. You will notice a lot of perkiness and this is because it is fitted with my favorite Calvin Klein bra. You will also notice the finished shoulder width. At a later date I will be adding detachable arms. A dress form that fits you properly is wonderful because you can also use it to re-form your bras after a wash.

Lastly, I added a small bit of batting and duct tape to the rear to match the same area of my hips. You will notice that this dress form doesn't go very far down the hip area, so I only had to copy the top half of my butt! Although, it has been a month or so and I could use a tad more padding. : )

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