Evening in the Country...

Evening in the Country...
...a gorgeous view of the WV mountains I get to enjoy everyday. Also the place Bri proposed earlier this year! [Not taken on that day.]

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Michelle Obama

I'm sorry to every stylista out there that loves the First Lady's style but the dress she wore during the inauguration was hideous. I hated the color and I wasn't sure about the style of the coat with an overlay of lace. Also, the high neck with a large diamond necklace lying over it was just too much. I just did NOT like it.

The color was just hideous - that is one color that no woman should wear!

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Something Old~Something New said...

Agreed. Completely and entirely. I felt so unpatriotic watching the inauguration and thinking to myself about her clothing.. but that moment is one that will go down in history for all First Ladies! So yes.. I do not understand the color choice at all... and most ecspecially I don't understand the lace.. ;)