Evening in the Country...

Evening in the Country...
...a gorgeous view of the WV mountains I get to enjoy everyday. Also the place Bri proposed earlier this year! [Not taken on that day.]

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Today I'm Thinking...

It is a cold day. A day where the sun is barely shining through the clouds and the sky is filled with snow and the temperature is below 10 degrees. Seriously below 10 degrees - I am moving to Florida!

I need to be doing other things right now but sewing and cooking are the two things in mind. I am so happy to have a new Pewter Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer Pro 600. It is so gorgeous and makes mixing a snap. Where things took 10-15-20 minutes to mix and knead this mixer does in minutes - sometimes seconds. I wish I had a few eggs left over last night after mixing pizza dough and baking cakes, so that I could practicing the whipping techniques outlined in the instruction manual.

Speaking of instruction manuals! I have FINALLY found my sewing machine instuctuion manual! I have been searching for the damn thing for nearly a month now! I seriously had forgotten all of the wonderful things that the manchine can do without even changing a foot! I would really love to buy the Kenmore Presser Feet Guidebook but I can not see paying $30.00 for the information when I can figure it out through trial and error.

Last night I made some wonderful meatballs with an awful light spaghetti sauce. I am just going to have to get Granny's recipe to figure out how to make THE BEST of the best spaghetti sauces. I made Brian another cake - for a man who doesn't like sweets he sure is eating up the cakes I've been baking! (Must be a good thing.)

I think I will make a lis tof sewing things I need to get accomplished before I even think about starting a new project. I have a pile of clothes to mend, curtains to sew, a skirt to complete, a purse that needs bias binding strips, a headband for a friend, clothes to alter, and Lord knows what else I may have started and side aside due to frustration!

So I'll start with the mending projects first and finish the curtains. Once I do this I may be motivated enough to make the microsuede bias binding strips. Then I can complete the black skirt with tan embroirdery in it. I would like to make some pot holders and other things for my kitchen. Although Brian is about to begin the renovation on our kitchen so anything cooking related may be put on hold - hopefully no longer than a few weeks!

Must get motivated!!! (At least I finish all of my class work before anything else!)

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Something Old~Something New said...

It sounds like you have plenty to do on the holiday weekend! I have been making my mental list too... Now, how much I will actually achieve.. we shall see.. lol.. Keep me posted on the kitchen renovation.. I would love to help!