Evening in the Country...

Evening in the Country...
...a gorgeous view of the WV mountains I get to enjoy everyday. Also the place Bri proposed earlier this year! [Not taken on that day.]

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No I didn't happen to get to that...

Okay. I am completely a laze ass. Lethargy is not an excuse (so I'm told). I have a billion pages to read for English Literature. No I haven't done it yet.

I have a billion things to organize and put away in my sewing room. Along with the many projects that are not getting accomplished.

I did bake some muffins for dessert. For dinner I broiled parmesan tilapia with a lovely salad...okay the tilapia was great but my salad was last second and ugh-ish.

It is time to download some upbeat music and try to block out the world and begin on my projects. It is just soooo overwhelming!

I think I need to eat another wildberry muffin.


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